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KSEB sub engineer psc solved questions Part 2

  • Induction heating process is based on ? (electromagnetic induction principle)
  • The basic electrical requirements in arc welding is that there should be ?  (high open circuit voltage)
  • The speed/time curve for city service has no--------period ?  (free running)
  • A train weights 500 tone has a mass of ?  (500 tone)
  • Commutater in a dc machine can converts ?  (ac to dc and dc to ac)
  • The polarity of dc generator is reversed by reversing the direction of ?  (field current)
  • The speed of a 4 pole dc series motor at no load will be ?  (infinite)
  • For a simplex lap winding the winding pitch is equal to ?  (+-2)
  • The voltage equation for along shunt compound motor is given by?  (V=Eb+Ia(Ra+Rse)
  • DC series motors are best suited for ?  (Traction)

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