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KSEB sub engineer psc solved questions Part 1

  • The period of 1 KHS ac is ? (1 ms)
  • When two quantities are in quadrature the phase angle between them will be ? (90)
  • In R.L series circuit the power factor is ? (lagging)
  • The phasor form of capacitive reactance is ? (XC<-90)
  • The algebraic sum of the instantaneous phase voltage in a 3 phase circuit is ? (zero)
  • The relationship between the line and phase voltages of a delta connected circuit is given by ? (VL=VP)
  • A wattmeter indicates ? (true power)
  • Candela is the unit of ? (luminous intensity)
  • Magnetic materials are heated with the help of ? (hysteresis loss)
  • The electrode of a direct arc furnace is made of ? (graphite)

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