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Previous PSC Questions and Answers for Secretariate Assistant Exam Preparation

  1. World Cities Day ? (October 31)
  2. 2013 Khel Ratna Award winner ? (Ranjan Sodhi)
  3. The river Narmada originated from ? (Amarkhandak, chattisgarh)
  4. The gate way of Wayanad (Lakkidi)
  5. High altitude cricket stadium in Kerala ? (Krishnagiri , Wayanad)
  6. First Land Safari park in Kerala ? (Neyyar)
  7. Highly populated state ? (Uttar Pradesh)
  8. Octopus shaped lake in Kerala ? (Ashtamudi Lake)
  9. Nobel prize winner for Photo Synthesis? (Melvin Calvin)
  10. Outermost colour of Rainbow? (Red)
  11. Healthy distance for clear vision ? (25 cm)
  12. Most electro negative element ? (Flourine)
  13. First Labour leader from India? (Ayyankali)
  14. Author of Book 'Principia'? (Isaac Newton)
  15. Governor is an agent of ------? (Union Government)
  16. Soil Day? (December 5)
  17. The first Commandor of Indian National Army ? (Mohan Singh)
  18. In an electrochemical cell there is the conversion of ? (Chemical energy in to electrical energy)
  19. Wood charcoal is used in gas masks because ? (it adsorbs gases)
  20. The disease caused by protozoane ? (Malaria)
  21. A protein solution on warming with concentrated nitric acid may turn yellow called ? (Xantoproteic test)
  22. The same group elements are characterised by? (Number of electrons in the outermost shell)
  23. Acetyl salicyclic acid is known as ? (Aspirin)
  24. High boiling point of water is due to ? (Hydrogen bonding amongst water molecules)
  25. supreme court granted the right to negative voting on ? (August 27, 2013)
  26. Capital of Costa Rica ? (San Jose)
  27. which country is joined as the 28th member state of European Union on July 1, 2013 ? (Croatia)
  28. The India independance bill was passed by the British Parliament on? (July 1,1947)
  29. Treaty signed in 1963 which banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in space , but not underground? (CTBT)
  30. What is the full form of POTA ? (Prevention of Terrorism Act)
  31. Name the country launched its first pilot carbon trading scheme ? (China)
  32. The first national park in India ? (Jimcorbet)
  33. First Deputy chairman of the planning commission of India ? (Gulzarilal Nanda)
  34. who was the Governor General of India during the time of the revolt of 1857 ? (Lord Canning)
  35. Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement ? (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan)
  36. News paper published by Annie Besant ? (Common Weal)
  37. The leader of Salt Satyagraha in kerala was ? (K. Kelappan)
  38. The Lahore Session of the congress was held in the year ? (1929)
  39. Name the mountain pass which provide access from wayanad in kerala to mysore in karnataka ? (Bodinayakkannur pass)
  40. The author of 'Aadi Bhasha' ? (chattampi Swami)
  41. The first of the temple consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru ? (Aruvippuram)
  42. Who was the founder of Athmavidyasagam ? (Vagbhadananda)
  43. Who was the founder of the periodical 'Swadeshabhimani' ? (Vakkom Maulavi)
  44. Bharatapuzha originates from ? (Anamala)
  45. Ezhimala situates to the north of ? (Kannur)
  46. The Kerala-Tamilnadu relationship developed through the ? (Palakkadan passes)
  47. The system of 'Ombudsman' was first introduced in ? (Sweden)
  48. The national commission for woman in India was formed in the year ? (1992)
  49. Who appoint the chairman of the State Public Service Commission ? (Governor) 
  50. Which part of the indian constitution deals with Directive Principles of State Policy ? (Part IV)
  51. Who was the first chairman of the NHRC ? (Justice Ranganath Misra)
  52. Which article of the indian constitution related to Right to Education ? (Article 21A)
  53. The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by the ? (Members of the State Legislative Assemblies ) 
  54. FTP stands for ? (File Transport Protocol)
  55. Who invented 'C' Language ? (Dennis M Ritchie)
  56. Expansion of UNIVAC is ? (Universal Automatic Computer)


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