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Quiz 9 - General Knowledge : ABBREVIATIONS (N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z)

NABARD : National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NASA : National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDAQ : National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
NDA : National Defence Academy
NDRI : National Diary Research Institute
NMD : National Missile Defence
NHAI : National Highway Authority of India
NHRC : National Human Rights Commission
OPEC : Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OAPEC : Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
OCS : Overseas Communication Service
PWG : Peoples War Group
PAN : Permanant Account Number
PA : Personal Assistant , Press Association
PERDA : Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority

POTA : Prevention of Terrorism Act
QMG : Quarter Master General
QMT : Quantitative Management Technique
RCC : Reinforced Cement Concrete
RADAR : Radio Detecting and Ranging
RAW : Research & Analysis Wing
RAF : Rapid Action Force
RBI : Reserve Bank of India
SEZ : Special Economic Zone
SAARC : South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SALT : Strategic Arms Limitations Talks
SAHR : South Asian for Human Rights
SAFTA : South Asian Free Trade Agreement
SEBI : Securities and Exchange Board of India
SCRA : Special Class Railway Apprentices
SIM : Subscriber Identification Module
SEATO : South East AsiaTreaty Organisation
SHO : Station House Officer
TRYSEM : Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment
TISCO : Tata Iron and Steel Company
TAR : Trans Asian Railways
TRAI : Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
UTI : Unit Trust of India
UNICEF : United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
UNFPA : United Nations Fund for Population Activities
UNHCR : United Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNESCO : United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNFCC : United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
VIP : Very Important Person
VRS : Voluntary Retirement Scheme
VAT : Value Added Tax
VPP : Value Payable Post
VHP : Vishwa Hindu Parishad
VC : Vice Chancellor
WWW : World Wide Web
WEF : World Environment Form
WHO : World Health Organisation
WWF : World Wild Life Fund
WTO : World Trade Organisation
WFP : World Food Programme
ZPG : Zero Population Growth
ZETA : Zero Energy Thermal -nuclear Assembly or Apparatus
ZIP : Zonal Improvement Plan

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