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PSC Solved Questions Part 4

  • T.B.A is the trade name of Pest resistant? (Cotton)
  • S Chandrasekhar got Nobel Prize for physics in the year? (1983)
  • Who was the advisor to the constituent assembly? (B.N Rao)
  • Constitution of India defines india as? (Federal Union of State)
  • Right to property was originally granted under Article? (Article 31)
  • In Indian Constitution there is no provision for? (Economic Rights)
  • The election commissioners are appointed by the? (The President)
  • Kudumbasree Project was launched on? (17th May 1998)
  • The first women to become the speaker of State Assembly in India? (Shannodevi)
  • Chairman of National Child Rights Commission is? (Shantha Sinha)

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